Private Acting Program

Coach Your Craft offers a customized acting program to help you master the skills that are the most important to you. Receive verbal/written evaluations of your work so you can mark your progress. Includes light, basic career recommendations. *Intake session is mandatory.

2 hour minimum - $198
6 hours - $45 discount off your 1st package
12 hours - $99 discount off your 1st package (That's 1 free lesson!)

A La Carte Services

If you need a little something, our a la carte services have you covered.  If you need more check out our Private Acting Program!

So the big audition is just around the corner, and you have no idea, or you’re not quite sure, what choices to make; or you’re just not sure if the choices you are making are the best choices. Whether you are auditioning in person or on tape, Coach Your Craft can help you make sure those choices are strong. New to acting or need a refresher? Just booked a role? Coach Your Craft can help you show up on set confident, prepared, and ready to work!




90-Minute diagnostic session to assess your current skill level and see how well we work together. We'll provide a scene for you to prep and perform, then give you written feedback and recommendations for next steps.

*Bring Headshot and Resume

*Prerequisite for Private Acting Program



1-Hour session. You bring us the material and we help you get ready. We can teach you how to show up prepared and ready to do and be your best. We also offer video sessions for that last minute audition.

1/2 Hour Session and Package Options Available By Request.  Contact Us For Details.



2-Hour session. Actors who have been cast in a spsecific role come in to analyze the role, rehearse possible choices, and to incorporate lines and/or blocking as well as the director's notes into their creative process.

Prep for Film, Television, and Stage

*Intake Session Mandatory

Contact us to schedule one of our A La Carte Services

"Our coach was great. She really connected with our daughter and motivated her to give it her all. Toya rocks!"

Kate P.

Audition Prep

"I love my coach she is great, she pushes me to new levels and makes me think which is great. She is so knowledgeable and is ready to share that knowledge with her clients"

Kelly H.

Audition Prep

"CYC is great. They focus on the goals that you would like your child to accomplish and customizes the lessons to achieve it."

Taylor D.

Child Acting

"CYC was very helpful and knowledgeable. My coach answered all my questions and set me up with a plan for success."

Jeanine M.

Acting Student

"I've been going to Coach Your Craft for awhile it's very nice. My coach knows exactly what she is doing. She helps me understand everything
I do. I would recommend CYC for anyone who is serious about acting."

Shera D.

Acting Student